We promote exquisite Toxic Free Eco-Friendly Beauty Products that actually turn back the clock without any worries of harmful ingredients! When you return to the state of being that nature intended, you will gain the appearance of younger and more supple skin. The best part is that morning application to the end of the day, you will enjoy feeling moist with an elegant, smooth and silky feel, plus the wonderful knowledge that you are not comprising your health.

Over the nineteen years AMURIE has been in business, much research was done on a tremendous amount of products. The chosen products proved to be the absolute best we could find that fit with the policy of being toxic-free, organic, doing no harm, and producing soft, clear, youthful skin.

During that period, we found that these products were most effective in their schema. Their synergy seems to complicate each other in unique areas. For optimum results, we recommend that you DO use them in the order listed below.

1. Nurturing Cleanser    2. Sea Buckthorn  3. Oxy Plus Mist     4. Rose Water Mist               5.Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer 

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